Dear Colleagues,

Don’t miss one of the most well-known refresher courses in the field of nephrology in Europe, the 27th Budapest Nephrology School held in Budapest on 28 August – 2 September 2023.

It attracted many young physicians from 68 countries in the last two and a half decades, who had great opportunities to learn from excellent faculty and each other.

If you are a young nephrologist and wish to attend the one-week course, apply for scholarships supporting your participation!

What to know about Budapest Nephrology School?
• Nephrology course with diverse topics, including electrolyte disorders, glomerular physiology and pathophysiology, transplantation, nephropathology, tubular diseases, chronic kidney disease, hypertension
• Lectures from leading experts of nephrology: Jens M. Titze, Friedrich C. Luft, János Peti-Peterdi, Sotiris Zarogiannis, Csaba P. Kövesdy, Georgina Gyarmati, Zoltán Prohászka, András Tislér, Simin Goral, Jan Becker, Pontus B. Persson, Helderman J. Harold, Kálmán Tory, György Reusz, Miklós Zsolt Molnár
• “Meet the Professors” – an informal meeting during which participants can discuss their experiences and observations with the faculty
• A poster session which aims to have the participants discuss and consult their research with the faculty.

Bring your own poster!

Please share your research work or case report at our special poster session. The abstracts* of the best poster presentations will be published at the Supplements of Renal Failure (ISSN: 0886-022X, EISSN: 1525-6049, IF: 3,222).
*Peer jury will only consider abstracts not previously published.

The program of the Budapest Nephrology School is available on the official website at

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