Report 2022 of the Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases

Dear All,

Report 2022 of the Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases has been published on our website:
At the end of 2022 there were a total of 5240 patients on kidney replacement therapy (KRT),
of whom 1849 patients were on dialysis and 3391 patients had a functioning kidney transplant.
The number of patients on KRT in Finland decreased for the first time in history.
The decrease in the number of KRT patients may partly be due to an increase in mortality after a decrease that had continued for years.
Deaths related to corona infection explain a large part of the increased mortality.

In 2022, 464 new patients started KRT, and the incidence was 84 patients / million inhabitants, which is the same number as the year before.
During the year 250 patients received a kidney transplant, which is at the same level as in previous years.
The mean age of both new patients and prevalent patients has increased significantly during this millennium, and the increase has been most significant in peritoneal dialysis patients.
The Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases has for over three decades annually published a report on patients initiating and currently on KRT.
The register contains information on virtually every KRT patient in Finland since 1964.

Efforts have long been made to receive a statutory status for the registry, and on 1 January 2023, the Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases was finally awarded statutory status.
From the beginning of year 2024 the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare will take the responsibility on the registry,
but the Finnish Kidney and Liver Association will continue close cooperation with the registry in the coming years.
The stricter regulations regarding the transfer of data threaten to hinder international research, but we will make every effort to enable this research to continue.

We thank all nephrology units in Finland and other collaboration units for excellent cooperation!

Jaakko Helve
Administrative Director
Patrik Finne
Chairman of the Board
Finnish Registry for Kidney Disease

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