• To have a command of basic and advanced
terminology in kidney transplantation
• To learn about the clinical aspects of kidney
transplants, from donor and recipient
selection through to surgical and medical
management post-transplant
• To get a full update about diagnosis and
current management of the medical
and surgical complications of kidney
• To understand how to improve the short
and the long-term outcomes of kidney
transplant recipients
• To assess kidney donors with complex
medical history
• To have the opportunity to discuss practical
aspects of difficult cases
• To individualize treatment according to the
needs of kidney transplant patients
• To facilitate exchanging of best practices
and to develop an international networking
• To apply the skills you learn on this course
in your everyday workplace to deliver a
better standard of care for your patients
• To promote the implementation of
knowledge and to acquire competences
in order to set up and sustain an effective
kidney transplant program

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