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Dear Colleagues

Registration is now open for the Online Fellowship in Clinical Transplantation to commence in May/June 2023.  The forthcoming module deals with Introduction to Clinical Transplant Immunology. The fellow learns and practices the principles of transplant immunology, as well as the introduction to tissue typing and crossmatching, which are essential to underpin the advanced clinical understanding for dealing with immunosuppression and the immunology of rejection. Ethical issues are complex and pose dilemmas at every stage in transplantation sciences, and therefore, medical ethics as a theme will run through all the modules. 

This fellowship programme, a unique flagship programme, is offered wholly online. It is suitable for nephrologists, urologists, transplant clinicians, allied healthcare professionals, and related subspecialties. The fellowship is clinically oriented and helps you pursue a career in renal transplantation.

It is structured as six 20-credit modules that can be taken either as standalone modules or as an award – Postgraduate Certificate/Fellowship in Clinical Transplantation. You can start with any module of the programme. This online clinical programme will establish peer support/learning via the online discussion group and journal club. You will learn things from us as well as from each other. Most importantly, you will also discover things for yourself.

We have exceeded 500 applicants in the emerging Fellowship Programme in Clinical Transplantation, the first of its kind in the Middle East, Africa and Asia that delivers up-to-date clinical experience in transplantation. We have students from 35 counties. It is accredited by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME), and we have approval from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). This gives recognition of the fellowship in many European countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, also Canada and the USA. 

Countries recognising the accreditation of the Fellowship in Clinical Transplantation

The registration fee must be paid after acceptance of your application for each module (you pay module by module). The registration is 360 USD per module. The deadline for completed registration (including paying the fee) will be announced soon. Priority for early completed applications. 

Please find below the website and the registration link:

World Kidney Academy Website:

Registration Link:

Facebook page:

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To pay:

For any queries, please contact the programme director:

Associate Professor Ahmed Halawa at [email protected]

You will be invited (PLEASE invite your colleagues who may be interested) to an introductory Zoom meeting on 17/05/24 at 3 pm UK time to explain the following:

  1. The structure of the diploma and how it is delivered.
  2. Accreditation.
  3. The teaching processes.
  4. Tutors involved in the teaching.
  5. Learning objectives and how they impact your future career.


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Prof Ahmed Halawa
MSc MD PGCE MEd (Higher Education) FRCS FRCS (Gen)
Consultant Transplant Surgeon
Sheffield Teaching Hospital
Programme Director of Postgraduate Education in Transplantation – World Kidney Academy
United Kingdom


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