The Hippocratic aphorisms of nephrological interest under the light of the current clinical knowledge*

A. Diamandopoulos, P. Goudas


In this historical article we are discussing the nephrological interest of some of Hippocrates? statements, contained in his book «Aphorisms». There is not anything original in our method, as similar attempts have taken place repeatedly, even since antiquity. We however feel that in each era new insight can be gained by looking into the Aphorism via the prism of the current medical knowledge. The article is divided in two parts. One general, introducing briefly the reader to the author, Hippocrates, then to his knowledge on the kidney function and diseases, and lastly to the book itself, i.e. The Aphorisms. As the article isn?t addressed to historians of medicine, philologists and palaiographists, the first part of it offers only a bird?s eye view of the historical background of the Aphorisms and its several manuscripts and editions. In the second part, we are discussing 36 from the 400 Aphorisms, marked by the authors of this paper as having any renal interest, and is understandably more detailed. At the end we present our conclusions.

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