ESOT Transplant Evidence Alert: Top 10 New Studies - May 2015

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Kidney Transplantation

Daclizumab Versus Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin in High-Risk Renal Transplants: Five-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Study
Hellemans, R. ; Hazzan, M. ; Durand, D. ; Mourad, G. ; Lang, P. ; Kessler, M. ; Charpentier, B. ; Touchard, G. ; Berthoux, F. ; Merville, P. ; Ouali, N. ; Squifflet, J. P. ; Bayle, F. ; Wissing, K. M. ; Noel, C. ; Abramowicz, D.
American Journal of Transplantation. 2015;[record in progress]

Low-dose Pamidronate for Treatment of Early Bone Loss Following Kidney Transplantation: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Shahidi, S. ; Ashrafi, F. ; Mohammadi, M. ; Moeinzadeh, F. ; Atapour, A.
Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases. 2015;9(1):50-5

Liver Transplantation

Conditioning With Sevoflurane in Liver Transplantation: Results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
Beck-Schimmer, B. ; Bonvini, J. M. ; Schadde, E. ; Dutkowski, P. ; Oberkofler, C. E. ; Lesurtel, M. ; DeOliveira, M. L. ; Figueira, E. R. ; Rocha Filho, J. A. ; Auler, J. O., Jr. ; D'Albuquerque, L. A. ; Reyntjens, K. ; Wouters, P. ; Rogiers, X. ; Debaerdemaeker, L. ; Ganter, M. T. ; Weber, A. ; Puhan, M. A. ; Clavien, P. A. ; Breitenstein, S.
Transplantation. 2015;[record in progress]

Immunosuppression Modifications Based on an Immune Response Assay: Results of a Randomized, Controlled Trial
Ravaioli, M. ; Neri, F. ; Lazzarotto, T. ; Bertuzzo, V. R. ; Di Gioia, P. ; Stacchini, G. ; Morelli, M. C. ; Ercolani, G. ; Cescon, M. ; Chiereghin, A. ; Del Gaudio, M. ; Cucchetti, A. ; Pinna, A. D.
Transplantation. 2015;[record in progress]

Tuberculosis prophylaxis with levofloxacin in liver transplant patients is associated with a high incidence of tenosynovitis: Safety analysis of a multicenter randomized trial
Torre-Cisneros, J. ; Juan, R. S. ; Rosso-Fernandez, C. M. ; Silva, J. T. ; Munoz-Sanz, A. ; Munoz, P. ; Miguez, E. ; Martin-Davila, P. ; Lopez-Ruz, M. A. ; Vidal, E. ; Cordero, E. ; Montejo, M. ; Blanes, M. ; Farinas, C. ; Herrero, J. I. ; Rodrigo, J. ; Aguado, J. M.
Clinical Infectious Disease. 2015;[record in progress]

Renal Function in De Novo Liver Transplant Recipients Receiving Different Prolonged-Release Tacrolimus Regimens-The DIAMOND Study
TruneCka, P. ; Klempnauer, J. ; Bechstein, W. O. ; Pirenne, J. ; Friman, S. ; Zhao, A. ; Isoniemi, H. ; Rostaing, L. ; Settmacher, U. ; Monch, C. ; Brown, M. ; Undre, N. ; Tisone, G.
American Journal of Transplantation. 2015;[record in progress]

Heart Transplantation

The Effect of Everolimus Initiation and Calcineurin Inhibitor Elimination on Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy in De Novo Recipients: One-Year Results of a Scandinavian Randomized Trial
Arora, S. ; Andreassen, A. K. ; Andersson, B. ; Gustafsson, F. ; Eiskjaer, H. ; Botker, H. E. ; Radegran, G. ; Gude, E. ; Ioanes, D. ; Solbu, D. ; Sigurdardottir, V. ; Dellgren, G. ; Erikstad, I. ; Solberg, O. G. ; Ueland, T. ; Aukrust, P. ; Gullestad, L.
American Journal of Transplantation. 2015;[record in progress]

Randomized Pilot Trial of Gene Expression Profiling Versus Heart Biopsy in the First Year After Heart Transplant: Early Invasive Monitoring Attenuation Through Gene Expression Trial (EIMAGE)
Kobashigawa, J. ; Patel, J. ; Azarbal, B. ; Kittleson, M. ; Chang, D. ; Czer, L. ; Daun, T. ; Luu, M. ; Trento, A. ; Cheng, R. ; Esmailian, F.
Circulation. Heart Failure. 2015;[record in progress]

Lung Transplantation

A randomised controlled trial of azithromycin therapy in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) post lung transplantation
Corris, P. A. ; Ryan, V. A. ; Small, T. ; Lordan, J. ; Fisher, A. J. ; Meachery, G. ; Johnson, G. ; Ward, C.
Thorax. 2015;70(5):442-50

Various Organs

Increased osteoprotegerin predicts poor virological outcome during anticytomegalovirus therapy in solid organ transplant recipients
Ueland, T ; Rollag, H. ; Hartmann, A. ; Jardine, A. ; Humar, A. ; Bignamini, A. A. ; Asberg, A. ; Aukrust, P.
Transplantation. 2015;99(1):100-5


Anti-B cell therapy with rituximab as induction therapy in renal transplantation
Joosten, I. ; Baas, M. C. ; Kamburova, E. G. ; van den Hoogen, M. W. ; Koenen, H. J. ; Hilbrands, L. B.
Transplant Immunology. 2014;31(4):207-209

Congratulations Dr. I Joosten�(and co authors) from the�Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.