ETAHP Board Call for Applications

ETAHP Board - Call for Nominations 2018

ETAHP, the ESOT Committee representing�European Transplant Allied Healthcare Professionals,�is looking for a new Board member.

You are kindly invited to nominate yourself or a colleague.�The Board aims at diversity including a balance in geographical and professional representation.

The nominations will be evaluated by the ETAHP Board, which will select one candidate to be appointed Board member for a four-year�mandate�(2018-2022).

If you wish to apply,�please write to��attaching:

  • a brief motivation statement
  • a brief CV

The deadline for application is�Sunday�26 August, 2018.

In order to become an ETAHP Board member, you need to be a member of ESOT and affiliated to ETAHP.�Please make sure you are�up to date with your ESOT membership payments before you apply - feel free to contact for further information.

We invite you to forward this message to the transplant nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians,�physical therapists,�social workers and other allied healthcare professionals in your team and encourage them to apply.

For further information please contact��