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“Hellenic Nephrology” is a quarterly published peer review journal. It is the official Journal of the Hellenic Society of Nephrology and all society members receive a free subscription to the journal. Its aim is to provide current and reliable scientific information to Nephrologists and other physicians interested in renal diseases. For this purpose the journal covers all aspects of Νephrology. Subject matter appropriate for “Hellenic Nephrology” includes, but is not restricted to: immunology and pathology, pathophysiology of renal disease and progression, mineral metabolism and bone disease, clinical nephrology, epidemiology and outcomes, dialysis and transplantation. Papers accepted for publication include brief reviews, in-depth reviews, original articles and case reports. Published issues of the journal are available free of charge at the site of the Society www.ene.gr.

Vol 33, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Ανασκοπήσεις - Reviews

Μηχανισμοί δράσης και οργανοπροστασίας των αναστολέων του συμμεταφορέα Νατρίου-γλυκόζης 2 (Μέρος 2) - Mechanisms of action and organ protection of Sodium-glucose cotransporter- 2 (SGLT2). (Part 2)
Ν. Δ. Παπαγαλάνης, Κ. Χ. Σιαμόπουλος, N. Papagalanis, K. Siamopoulos
O Πόνος στα Νεφρικά Νοσήματα - Pain complicating renal disease
Ρ. Γ. Καλαϊτζίδης, Κ. Χ. Σιαμόπουλος, R. G. Kalaitzidis, K. C. Siamopoulos

Ενδιαφέρουσες περιπτώσεις - Cases reports

«Μέθη» από ... χαλβά! - Feeling "drunk" without alcohol
Χ. Πλέρος, Α. Μαχαίρα, Ειρ. Λαγουδάκη, Ε. Δροσατάκη, Ι. Σταυρακάκη, Κ. Στυλιανού, Chr. Pleros, A. Machaira, I. Lagoudaki, E. Drosataki, I. Stayrakaki, K. Stylianou
Oξεία νεφρική βλάβη μετά από χορήγηση καπεσιταβίνης σε ασθενή με νεόπλασμα παχέος εντέρου - Αcute kidney injury following capecitabine administration in a patient with colorectal neoplasm
Σ. Βακιάνη, Ε. Κορακιανίτη, Δ. Κατσάνος, Π. Βακιάνης, S. Vakiani, E. Korakianiti, D. Katsanos, P. Vakianis